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Epic Fail in tech of 2019, the most talked about mistakes of the year

The most embarrassing and talked about mistakes of the technology sector of the year

Another "technological year" is about to end and, among many positive news, as usual, we have been spectators of as many small disasters which characterized the last year of the decade. With 2020 ready for scenarios related to the arrival of the 5G technology and expansion in use of artificial intelligence, the Epic Fail in the tech of 2019 hopefully from baggage to improve the future.

Data breaches, software bugs, privacy flasks, device malfunctions and large tech companies that are challenged. Let's balance the year of gods technological failures with Epic Fail in the tech of 2019 most talked about with a small rundown of "negative memories".

The sensational bug on Apple's FaceTime

apple blocks group facetime

Late January 2019, Apple forced to disable group calls on FaceTime. Reason? A bug allowed to spy on the recipient of a call, opening the microphone and starting the video before he answered it.The same bug had also been found in phone calls via FaceTime between iPhone and Mac.Apple then resolved the vulnerability but what a fool.

Malware on Asus devices

Asus malware

End of March 2019. Asus launches the annual update through the company's software platform. More than one million users are victims of malware. The attack, christenedShadowHammer, was discovered by Kaspersky Lab researchers. Hackers peddled the malware as an Asus "critical update", distributed by the company's servers and signed with valid certificates. Total embarrassment from the Taiwanese company hit in the heart.

The fiasco of Samsung Galaxy Fold

withdrawal of the galaxy fold

May 2019, Samsung announces the withdrawal from the market of its foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Fold. A total disaster and perhaps the most discussed 2019 Epic Fail tech. The device was already available for pre-orders and the company had sent several test models to well-known YouTubers and journalists. According to reviewers, the protective layer of the screen separated from the rest of the device, presuming that the film was removable. However, after attempting to remove the plastic protective strip, the phone screen immediately stopped working. After months, only in November, Samsung has put Galaxy Fold back on the market remedying a sensational smartphone assembly error.

The disaster of Bose ear plugs

SleepBuds Bose

One of the Epic Fail in the tech of 2019 passed a bit under track but really embarrassing was that "technological ear plugs designed to improve Bose's sleep quality.The company forced to start arecall programof hersSleepbudsoffering afull compensationwho had bought them. Reason? A battery problem. On many specimens it was impossible to recharge 100% and / or there were sudden shutdowns which compromised their correct functioning.

WhatsApp vulnerability

whatsapp security at risk

Two ugly tiles to be solved in October and November 2019 for WhatsApp. First a new vulnerability discovered exploited malicious GIFs to compromise user sessions, files and messages. Security related issuesto Android devices onlyfor users who on WhatsApp sent and received GIFs. The second related to a Mp4 file code which allowed hackers to inject malware into the messaging app system.

Facebook overwhelmed by criticism

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<p>Mid October 2019. Mark Zuckerberg at the Geneva meeting announces the birth of the "Libra Association", a consortium dedicated to the Libra project, Facebook's virtual currency. From Mastercard to Visa, from PayPal, to Stripe, actors who were supposed to guarantee the reliability of the cryptocurrency project abandon for the bandwagon. Facebook accuses the blow of abandoning everyone<strong>financial actors</strong>and Zuckerberg is overwhelmed by trailri refusal to ban political advertising, the Cambridge Analytica scandal was worth a $ 5 billion fine and his attempt to launch a landslide-prone global cryptocurrency.</p>
<h2><span class=The fool of Elon Musk, the Epic Fail in the 2019 tech top

Epic Fail in tech of 2019

How can we not count Elon Musk's fool during tests on the Cybertruck by Tesla with a lot of fiasco live. What happened? None of that. A bulletproof glass gone … shattered. During the Cybertruck presentation show, Musk asked one of his collaborators to throw a steel ball against the window of the pick-up concept.

cybertruck epic fail

The vehicle, to Musk's surprise, didn't hold up. The bulletproof glass that promised to be indestructible shattered at the hands of its builders, on the day of their debut.