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Edit videos with Movavi Video Editor

Are you looking for a program to replace Windows Movie Maker, one of the most used programs for video editing on Windows? If you want a good video editing software to add effects, transitions and to beautify your videos you might be interested Movavi Video Editor.

This program which aims to combine simplicity of use with modern functionality, so that you can edit videos without having to go crazy with professional programs (even expensive!).

In this guide I will show you all the best features of Movavi Video Editor, so that you can carefully evaluate its operation and choose it (on your PC with Windows) as the heir to Windows Movie Maker.

Movavi Video Editor: alternative to Movie Maker on Windows


Right from the installation it is understood that the program designed to be as simple as possible: you can click Next without any problem, the only screen worthy of note where the contract is present.

Movavi Video Editor

Once the installation is complete, simply open the Movavi program from the icon on the desktop or by looking for it in the Start menu. The welcome interface appears as in the image below.

Movavi Video Editor

This screen is a sort of mini guide that allows you to choose whether to start a normal project or if you want to create a video from photos; the other items allow you to open a project already created, access to online help and access to advanced settings. You can however close this window to admire the complete interface.

Movavi Video Editor Interface

Like any good video editing program it is possible to add content from files already present on the PC and acquire the video from a video camera (already connected to the PC), but in addition it is possible to create a screencast or add an entire folder containing videos. Timeline at the bottom, where you can add videos or fragments of video footage to edit according to your tastes.

Movavi Video Editor Timeline

The buttons to manage the video editing are present in the upper part, together with the preview window.

Movavi Video Editor Functions

The features available at the top left will be analyzed in the Features section.

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By clicking on one of the items on the top left, you access all the editing features with which you can edit the videos.

Movavi Video Editor Edit

In the first menu at the top you can add videos and clips as previously seen.

Movavi Video Editor

In the Effects menu you can choose from the numerous effects in the program and add them to the video or clips in the timeline by simply dragging them.

Movavi Video Editor

In the Transitions menu you can choose one of the present transitions to switch from one scene to another; in this case too, just drag the desired transition on the timeline.

Movavi Video Editor

In the Titles menu you can add the titles of the various clips added, useful to create different chapters for each part of the video or to choose the opening and closing title, even in this case just drag the title on the Timeline.

Movavi Video Editor

The Captions menu allows you to add special titles to a precise video sequence, for a fun result! Just add them to the Timeline.

Movavi Video Editor

The last menu offers some advanced program features such as Zoom, Pan, Chromatic Key and Stabilizer.

Movavi Video Editor

Maybe not compete with professional solutions like Vegas Pro, but for home use Movavi Video Editor has everything you need to edit and create videos.

Export video

Once you have worked on the Timeline and with the available tools, how to save the created video? Movavi offers the Export button at the bottom right with which to render and save the video.

Movavi Video Editor Tutorial

The menu will open Export, where to choose the format of the video file also based on its intended use.

Movavi Video Editor

Among the various available tabs you can find:

  • Save as a video file: where you can save the video on your PC hard drive
  • Save as an audio file: where you can only export the audio of the video
  • Share online: to share the video on your YouTube account (upon login)
  • TV: here you can save the video to play it in a compatible format for any TV
  • Apple: to export videos compatible with iPhone, iPad and Apple TV
  • Android: to export videos compatible with Android devices
  • Other devices: where you can save the video in a format compatible with the vast majority of devices

For each tab you can choose the quality of the export, the file name, the save folder and above all the video format. Movavi offers a good choice on the formats in which to export the video, as shown in the image below.

Movavi Video Editor

You can choose the Avi format with H.264 codec (for old televisions) or create an Mp4 (ideal for playback on new devices).


The Movavi Video Editor program is available for free only for a limited period of time (7 days), after which you will need to purchase a license to continue using the program.

The free version program unfortunately suffers from other limitations:

  • Only full audio cannot be exported (half will be exported)
  • A watermark is added to the center of the video

The program will warn you of the limitations already during the export.

Movavi Video Editor Cat

Obviously by purchasing a license the limitations will be removed and you can use the program forever without any problem.

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Conclusions and download links

Movavi Video Editor is a good alternative to the old Movie Maker, because it can combine ease of use with the essential functions to make home video clips shot with your smartphone or digital video camera. Good effects and transitions, as well as good speed. export video (with a modern processor we are about 15 minutes every 1.5 GB processed).

Too bad for the limitations of the free trial version, which in fact push users to purchase the full license to use this valid product.

You can download the free trial version (valid for 7 days) of Movavi Video Editor from the following link.


If you are interested in purchasing this video editor (cost 30) you can use the following page to proceed.

PURCHASE LINK | Movavi full version