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Edit images online with iLoveImg

Today we talk about iLoveImg, a free online service which allows you to edit pictures online with simple steps. In this case we are talking about basic image editing (compressing, resizing and cropping images), but also about converting images into various formats.

edit images with iloveimgNo need to install any additional programs, all you need is an internet browsing program (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, etc.) and of course the internet connection.iLoveImg allows you to edit images online by selecting them from your computer / device or by selecting them from images saved on Google Drive or Dropbox. It is also possible to load the images to be edited using drag & drop, ie select the images and drag them to the area of ??the site where written "or release the images here".

Edit images online with iLoveImg

THE services offered by iLoveImg I'm:

Compress imagecompress images

to compress images in format JPG, PNG and GIF, useful to reduce the space occupied by images without visibly losing quality. You can process multiple images together.

Resize imageresize images

to resize the images by setting the dimensions in pixels or as a percentage.

Crop imagecrop images

to crop images indicating the clipping rectangle in pixels. The supported formats are: JPG, PNG and GIF.

Convert to JPGconvert images to jpg

to convert images from TIFF, PNG, GIF and RAW format (ARW, CR2, NEF, ORF, PEF, RAF, RW2, SR2) in JPG format.

Convert from JPGconvert images from jpg

to convert images from JPG format to PNG and GIF formats. In this section also possible create animated gif images by selecting a group of images, in JPG format, which will be used to form the frames of the animated image.