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Download music from Spotify and other services

Have you listened to the latest album of your favorite singer or band and would you like to download it to your PC? Do you often use Spotify or other similar online services to stream music? Today I will show you a simple and effective method for download music from Spotify and other similar services(Pandora, iTunes Radio, Groovesharks, etc ..) with a program available for Windows and Mac. It will show you all the steps you need to perform in order to record the music listened to online with the program Cinch Audio Recorder.

download music from spotify and other services

Download music from Spotify and other services


Before starting to download music from Spotify with the recommended program you have to adjust the volumes of the system and other applications on Windows. Since the program actually records what the PC emits as sound, there is a risk of recording while listening to the beeps and sounds of Windows, including the sounds of notifications!

To avoid this on Windows 10 just open, with the right button on the volume icon, the menu Open Mixer Volume by previously opening all the programs from which to record sounds (Spotify but also the web browser).

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<p>We will see in the menu all the apps that generate sounds; we turn off all unnecessary sounds and leave the volume to the maximum only to the music apps.</p>
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Do you want to change the save path? You can do this directly from the settings. Press the gear button at the top right and select Settings.

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<p>Use the Change button to change the destination folder.</p>
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