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DLO HomeDock Deluxe: the "smart" iPod dock arrives

One of the most frequent criticisms that are made of docks and audio systems with Apple docks and third parties that can be managed via remote control that do not make the player management truly "navigable": you can manage tracks back and forth and control the volume but impossible browse playlists or access or select audio archives by jumping from one menu to another.

HomeDock Deluxe version the evolution of the previous DLO model that brings an important novelty the total management of the iPod directly on a TV screen or a monitor connected via supervideo or composite video.

Presented last spring, it finally arrives on the market to compete with Griffin's newest and most similar product: TuneCenter.


home dock de luxe

The product consists of the actual dock and a remote control with 18 buttons, the dock-receiver with audio and video outputs which, via an internal processor, sends the structure of the iPod archives to any connected video with the usual subdivision by Playlists, Artists, Albums, Songs and Genres, shows the song that is playing and the status along with a list of other songs to select.

The customizable appearance both for colors and for the subject of the screensavers and the large characters allow the visibility even from a few meters away: from your sofa to your TV or in your car on small screens.

It has two modes: on screen navigation for management through the external screen or iPod mode to show galleries of photos and videos directly from the iPod, you can switch between them with the push of a button: the second mode is needed to select directly on the iPod the video or photo galleries that you want to send for playback since the current firmware of the Apple players allows the remote management of the choices only for the music archives.

Music management works with all iPods with Dock, including iPod nano and iPod mini and iPod with Video. Obviously it recharges and powers the iPod during use.

In the package you will find both the power supply unit and all the connecting cables to the Audio-Video system. For more information, please refer to this DLO page.

US retail price of $ 149.

In Italy DLO products are distributed by Attiva

homedock below