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Cubes, ignition problems

Cubes, ignition problems logomacitynet1200wide 1

Do you remember the problems of the G4s at power up? The start was difficult and then, suddenly, accompanied by a burning smell, the machine refused to turn on and had to be taken for repair. The annoying accident was determined, as Macity had already explained, it was due to a defect in the new panel that regulated the ignition of the Pro machines, replaced almost immediately during assembly after the discovery of the defect. "The small number of machines" that according to Apple were afflicted by the possibility that the button would fail were not available are among the G4. Some Cubes, particularly from the first series, are also affected by this problem.The news, rebounded from Japan, is now confirmed by Apple by its spokesperson Nathalie Welch. ?The defect – claims Welch – to refer to a defective part present both in the G4 systems and in the Cubes. The new machines no longer have this problem and even those that present the defect do not give rise to any risk for users ".

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