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Cisco-Apple agreement, just a matter of money

Cisco-Apple agreement, just a question of money | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Between $ 25 million and $ 50 million. This is the price that Apple would have paid to use the iPhone brand. The estimate by Gene Munster is an analyst who definitely has the pulse of the situation when it comes to technology in general and Apple 'things' in particular.

Munster, like many other observers, does not believe that the mutual collaboration referred to in the release is all about building peace between the two realities 'It is beautiful words' says the analyst Piper Jaffray -; Apple wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to cancel the impression of being totally closed on the matter. Money played a bigger role than what could be deduced from official communications. " And the money that would change hands could be, in fact, between 25 and 50 million dollars.

According to some other analysts, in any case, some kind of partnership may have been signed. For example, Apple may use some Cisco Voip technology on the iPhone; another possibility could be iPhone's ability to work with Cisco's wireless routers. Much more difficult, if not impossible, than Apple has made concessions on its proprietary technologies allowing Cisco to access them. In this perspective, given that the iPhone name owned by Cisco, the hypothesis of an Apple payment to use the brand becomes very concrete.

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