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CamOn: App to play with photos and selfies

Camon the new free app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to play with your friends or with new contacts using photos and selfies taken with your smartphone.camon logoBy taking advantage of the opportunity to take photos with smartphones, games can now be created in which participants must respond to questions regarding a shared photo.The rules are very simple: who creates the question with photos annex indicates the correct answer and can invite up to five friends who will have the opportunity to guess the answer or pass the hand (it is possible to invite more people using the coins earned / purchased or unlocking the functionality).camon-home-screen

Each player can give only one answer to the question asked by those who share the photo, who guesses the answer wins and increases their score and their coins.

In addition to writing the answer, players will also be able to write comments within the chat dedicated to each game.

In the end, the person who sent the question will send the results by closing the game and the points and coins will be awarded to the winner.


Each user is initially given 1000 coins, plus there are various ways to earn / get them:

  • 10 coins for each answer given and withheld correct when participating in a game you are invited to;
  • 5 coins for each response received (indifferently if right or wrong) to an own application sent;
  • 5000 coins at the cost of 0.99.

Coins can be used to unlock features:

  • 100 coins to write one free question;
  • 50 coins in order to send the question to more than 5 players;
  • 50 coins in order to view the game statistics own and friends.

It is also available Shop through which it is possible to unlock the functions forever, individually or all together at a more advantageous price:

  • Write the question freely at 0.99;
  • Send the game to more than 5 players at 0.99;
  • Look at the statistics at 0.99;
  • Unlock all three features at 1.99.

you can download and install the CamOn App for free by going to the Google or Apple store page, depending on the device you use: