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Bumble, the dating app of the co-founder of Tinder

Bumble has been called the feminist alternative to Tinder: it has over 3 million users. The creator explains: "Women must be able to feel equal to men"

Girl Power. Bumble, the dating app that has reached three million users worldwide in a year (half a million only in London), was immediately defined as the feminist alternative to Tinder. And behind it is Whitney Wolfe, who was co-founder of Tinder (they didn't break up very well, but that's another story).

Bumble basically works like Tinder: photo, swipe left or right, match. The difference is activated a moment after two people have expressed their interest in each other. only the woman, in fact, who can do the first move, and can do it in the next 24 hours.


Here is served, according to Wolfe, the attempt to change the fate of the games. "People want an alternative that makes women feel control and equal to men"He explained in an interview with the Telegraph.

Already in college Whitney Wolfe felt fulfilled and independent in everything, except in relationships: her friends and the dominant culture gave her to understand that no, it was not good for a woman to write first, took the first step first, expose yourself first. That was up to the man, and he would have to wait.

" difficult to introduce functions that have an important social message, without people turning their backs. We are doing our best to create a mass product, but based on design elements that change the rules?, Admits Wolfe. Cultural rules, of course.

One of these functions VIBee, a section that intends to reward the good users of the app: those who have used it frequently and in the correct way in terms of interaction, without email being rude or violating its principles.


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