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Apps that protect selfies and messages

Some advice on apps to communicate in the safest way possible. Snowden's word

(Photo: Ajit Johnson)(Photo: Ajit Johnson)

Write, send, write, send. Automatisms of communication, hypnotic enough to make you forget a legitimate question, which would be: s, but how many people have access to the data what am I sending in a simple chat? The images, the words. How many are the equivalent subjects of bar colleagues with straight antennas listening to speeches with their friend in front of the counter?


In addition to the two (or more participants), only the technical intermediaries that allow the reception of messages already constitute a rather large group. We can fix it: draws up a list of apps that secure your daily information, selfies, data.

Signalnot only allows you to send encrypted text messages, but also to make secure calls between both Apple and Android devices. All at no cost. The app also allows group chats – excellent therefore in professional contexts – and allows for good customization. For example, the user can choose to set passwords to log in.

And if Snowden likes it, he can be trusted.

Another totally free and opensource solution is called ChatSecure. It can be used from desktop or mobile, and if your partner was also using a secure system, the conversation would be totally encrypted (end-to-end).

Third, but not least, iMessage. So easy? Eh gi. Apple uses end-to-end encryption automatically, he says. Which means your chats are safe. Of course, this is an operation that is only successful between Apple devices, so the clique of protected messages in this case only concerns iPhone and iPad owners.


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