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Apple PDA, some say no

Apple PDA, some say no logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple has already denied it more than once, and on some occasions even very explicitly, but someone believes that they still have good reasons to continue believing it. We are talking about the hypothesis that the Cupertino company may throw itself into the handheld market trying to enter an expanding sector and that it could have great growth even in a period of crisis in the IT field. According to the rumors circulating, as always, in this pre-MacWorld period, the release of a handheld with the Apple brand would be imminent. TechWeb, which talks about some analysts who have always followed the company, deals with the issue today in a long article on the Apple crisis. by Cupertino, Chris LeTocq and Kevin Knox. Both consider the release of such a device extremely unlikely. The reasons are simple: ?From a consumer point of view – says LeTocq – it could be a good idea. An Apple-branded PDA may have excellent chances of success, but from a company and resource point of view, this is a hypothesis that I don't think is feasible ". According to LeTocq, Apple would have to support a device that requires investing in terms of hardware and software development and an operating system completely different from those that Apple uses at the moment. I don't think Apple has enough resources for such an effort. " But even if Apple were to think of a PalmOs license it would be difficult to believe that the hypothesis is viable. "Thinking about what Apple must be, it's a misuse of resources." In the past, many sources of information, including our website, had questioned the actual convenience for Apple to enter a sector where there are numerous competitors, some of which are now Cupertino allies, such as Palm itself. It would be difficult for the Apple company to stand out from them and adequately support such a different product. According to Knox, Apple would have only one chance to succeed by entering the traditional handheld market: to develop an extremely innovative device capable of standing out above all the others. "But if Apple were to simply make another PDA – Knox told TechWeb – I would have many doubts about it. Plus you don't make money with PDAs. The profit margins are very small "Could the device Knox refers to be the" palmarone "that we have already talked about on these pages in the past? But even so, we don't think we will be able to see a copy of it anytime soon.

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