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Apple is looking for an engineer for Mac Mobile

Apple seeks an engineer for Mac Mobile | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

The exact wording of the wanted profile "Manager of Mobile Mac Architecture" who will be responsible for ensuring the engineering feasibility of the future Macintosh Mobile product line.

The engineer will work in team with the Chief Technologist of the Mobile Mac section to understand the market trends for mobile computers and apply them to the specifications and functions of Apple computers Mobile version. The description of the job position further specifies that the designated person must have in-depth knowledge of system integration and trade-off analysis typical of very compact systems and mobile computers.

As often happens in personnel searches in highly competitive sectors, the qualities sought and the description of future duties are not fully specified precisely to avoid speculation in the press and the Web and to start a manhunt between competing companies. In spite of this, the description of the position and the skills described do not seem to refer to the world of compact computers (iMac and Mac mini) or to the MacBook and MacBook Pro line of laptops, at least what various sites dedicated to rumors in the Apple world suppose. In fact, more than one commentator believes that the position could be a necessary move for Cupertino in view of a possible return of the Apple in the sector of ultra portable computers or sub notebooks.

Finally it should be noted that from the declarations and previews of the Macworld about iPhone, it appears confirmed that the first super mobile phone from Apple works thanks to a suitably lightened version of Mac OS X. Virtually all the requirements of the engineer sought by Apple correspond to the skills necessary to adapt Mac OS to devices with hardware features, dimensions and performance comparable to the iPhone.

(By L. M. Grandi)

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