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Apple iPhone in Europe in September?

Apple iPhone in Europe in September? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

In September the model with traditional GSM technology, then in January the 3G one. These would be Apple's plans for the launch of the iPhone in Europe. To launch the AppleInsider rumors in an article that would have been written using information collected in Sweden through a local access provider.

If the indiscretion were correct it would be good news for customers in the market of the old continent. Not only would Apple's cell phone arrive earlier than expected, but the launch of the model for the third generation cellular network would also be anticipated. In addition to, we seem to understand, again according to the AppleInsider article, that in Cupertino the prevailing idea would be to create a model compatible with HSDPA technology that in the US is almost unknown but in Europe undergoing a strong expansion. iPhone HSDPA would be of enormous interest to carriers. The Apple phone seems to be made on purpose to increase the use of mobile data, one of the hot topics of the managers of cellular telephone lines who hope precisely in this technology to see margins and turnover grow reduced by the drop in the price of calls and escape the government maneuvers that are exerting strong pressure on voice costs.

Among the details of interest highlighted by AppleInsider also the fact that several HSDPA phones (but also simple 3G) in Europe have two cameras / cameras, one rear and one front for video communication. The iPhone instead has only one, rear. "Apple will create a version with different functions for Europe" asks the site dedicated to rumors "as well as integrating a higher speed wireless module?"

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