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Apple could launch its own Street View

A page of the Cupertino website informs that some vehicles are collecting road images to improve cartography

(Photo: Apple)(Photo: Apple)

Apple in the footsteps of Google? After the launch – which was not very well received years ago – of its map service, the Cupertino house could be at work to add to its digital cartography a service that Mountain View aficionados have already had available for some time: the subjective view of the streets represented– by Big G commonly referred to as Street View.

The same company announced on a page of its website a fleet of cars recently unleashed on the streets of the planet: ?Apple is driving its vehicles around the world for the purpose of collecting data that will be used to improve Apple Maps. Some of this data will be published in future Apple Maps updates. "

In reassuring users and the public about the security of their privacy, the company is committed to protecting the people involved in the filming obscuring faces and plaques of the vehicles featured in the images archived before publication – a foresight that Google also adopted in response to the first reactions to Street View and which suggests that Apple is working on something similar.

In Cupertino they also havespecified dates and places in which it will be possible to run into their vehicles – another condition already imposed in the past on competitors to obtain the go-ahead for subjective mapping operations. We will know in the future how things are; in the meantime, giving a quick look at the dates of the tourne, it appears that until February 14 (and presumably beyond) the only countries involved for the time being will be United States, England and France.


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