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Alpine Full-Speed: Integrated high-speed iPod in the car

Waiting for an (improbable) Apple "iCar", the various types of interface developed to better accommodate the Cupertino mp3 player also on four wheels. One of the last to report the Alpine Full-Speed. The technology of the Japanese company allows you to connect with a single cable each iPod with dock socket to an Alpine enabled system (car radio, DVD, navigator, etc.).


The connection will make the iPod directly controllable through the interface of the device to which it will be connected, thanks to Full-Speed ??technology. The "made for iPod" certified communication system, and promises speed and practicality worthy of the appreciated men of the Apple player.

Full-Speed ??equipped with QuickSearch function, which allows an effective search of the songs, according to the well-established song / album / artist criteria, with a wide possibility of navigating among the available menus, always observable in detail on the device's display. There is also the possibility of creating "on-the-road" compilations with the "Mix All" function, which is also integrated in the QuickSearch menu.

From a technical point of view, the presence of Bass Engine Sound Tuning, and the possibility of expanding the multimedia experience through a compatible digital TV tuner, should be noted.

Full-Speed ??technology currently available for all Alpine devices bearing the "Full-Speed" brand. For sufficient connection, the Alpine KCE-422i cable, sold at around 20 Euros. Alpine products are distributed in our country by Alpine Italy.