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8 Interesting facts from Rohit Sharma's double century will blow your mind

Yesterday, Rohit Sharma played one of the best innings of an ODI. Not only has he become the top scorer in ODI with 264 heats, but some really amazing facts have been done too much yesterday, we believe he is not aware of it so far.

Here are 8 interesting facts that are meant to give you idiots: –

1. If Rohit Sharma were a country, he would have won the 1983, 1987, 1992, 1996 and 1999 World Cup finals.

2. The last time Rohit marked a double century, Kohli was out of time when Rohit slipped. Also this time! Kohli was exhausted when Rohit made a double century.

3. Rohit Sharma reached 250 by 200 in just 15 balls, enough to make him the fastest 50-year-old in the ODI.

4. When Sachin Tendulkar scored 200 points, India won the match with 153 points, Sehwag's 219 also gave India a 153-game victory and now Rohit Sharma's 264 record has given to India. a victory of 153 wins.

Co-incidence mother!

5. On both occasions when Rohit scored his double tons Sundaram Ravi he was one of the referees and Anil Chaudhary was the TV referee.

6. When Rohit scored 209 in Bangalore Wicket-keeper (MS Dhoni) was on the other side. When Rohit scored 264 in Kolkata Wicket-keeper (Robin Uthappa) was on the other side.

7. Rohit Sharma has faced 173 balls for his 264 (50 Overs). Sunil Gavaskar faced 174 balls for his 36 * (60 overs).

8. The last time Rohit marked a double century was November. still November. Wake me up when November ends.

Have we missed something interesting? Let us know in the comments section.