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8 best Steam alternatives for PC gaming needs

Steam quickly became very popular with the gaming community and well deserved. Steam offers great gaming deals, a safe and secure experience for online players, a huge collection of games and regular promotions for players around the world. However, not completely flawless, given that his support service is constantly made fun of, moreover not everyone is a fan of Valve's monopoly on PC games. Thanks to the popularity of Steam, there are a number of alternatives that bring new and exciting ways to find your favorite old and new game titles that would otherwise have been ignored. So if you are tired of Steam and looking for something new to satisfy your gaming thirst, see the 8 best Steam alternatives below:

1. GOG

GOG is part of the CD Projekt group, the developers of The Witcher game series. It offers some amazing deals on popular computer games and classic DRM-free computer games at very affordable prices that you can enjoy wherever you want. Furthermore, possible find the best indie games on GOG with very generous price tags.

GOG doesn't boast a huge range of games like Steam but still has a decent collection of cool games for your PC that you can enjoy. Furthermore, door regularly crazy sales and discounts . For example, at the time of this writing, a promotion of summer sales is underway in which it is possible to take possession of top titles such as The Witcher 3 and many others at heavily discounted prices.


2. Origin

Origin offers players one stop shop for all EA titles . Each month, visitors can expect discounts on their favorite franchises, including The SIMS and FIFA. Teamwork a highlight with live and audio chat for an experience that mimics consoles. Do you want to broadcast on Twitch? The origin makes it easy. Free trials, as well as demos, are available for most games in the growing collection.

Origin Access presents an unlimited access subscription program for players who like to try the latest titles. This EA property offers its users previews of outgoing titles and discounts of up to 10% on every game purchase. Unlike some services, the company makes it easy to cancel the purchase at any time.


3. GreenMan game

This new entry into the streaming game market is trying to stand out from the competition by establishing a console streaming program . Although still in its early stages, the company promises to have it operational soon. When it comes to other platforms, GreenMan offers a design similar to its counterparts. Users can find a growing list of PCs and Mac titles among the site's expanding catalog. Early access also available on the advance franchise items of the most famous companies in the sector.

Players with a taste for indie titles will also appreciate promoting the service of unique choices that they cover the best of indie games . When it comes to offers, the site offers a selection of choices that are discounted up to 90% off retail prices.


4. Kinguin

Kinguin offers quite a different offer than other gaming services. The platform offers players a way to trade, sell and buy securities securely . All platforms and services are covered by this unique exchange, including Steam, Playstation 4 and GOG.Com. Users can take advantage of the company's buyer protection plan, which offers any buyer or dealer a limited 30-day money-back guarantee. Unlike other services, Bitcoin accepted.

a little more complicated to use Kinguin than other similar sites. With a little practice, the sometimes difficult site design becomes easier to navigate. When it comes to discounts, they are constantly changing and can last a day or the last for months. Among the promotions, players can find unique skins that can be kept or sold to other players.


5. G2A

G2A structured in the same way as its competitor Kinguin. Users they buy, sell and exchange keys for games from every platform. Unlike Kinguin, the design of G2A mirrors that of larger services such as Origin and GOG.Com. One of the most intriguing aspects of the service is its offer Random Key . Players can choose to purchase one or more Steam buttons to access randomly selected games. an interesting option for users who are open to changing genres and anyone looking to broaden their game horizons. In addition to the usual payment options, G2A now accepts Paypal.

The G2A Goldmine program offers players the chance to make money doing what they love. There is a reference system that is based on social media tools, which could lead to some interesting advantages if the number of reference friends is high enough.


6. Humble Bundle

As the name suggests, all about the Humble Bundle bundle. Players can choose from their selections or bundled by the team of experts of Humble . The games available cover famous titles and an indie selection of emerging developers. A connection with Twitch makes it easy to find unknown titles or purchase selections that other players are highlighting in their feeds.

The Humble Monthly program offers further discounts while sending players specifically selected from new and established franchises. Promotions are always available through the site. These revolving promotions include special offers during E3. What sets Humble Bundle apart is its section of books. Fans of graphic novels and popular genres are presented in bundles that are uniquely customized for each user.


7. GamersGate

GamersGate, not to be confused with the controversial movement, offers PC and MAC users a complete catalog of games. The company brought together the titles of the major publishers to introduce a unique destination for games. Independent developers have also been welcome in the service to offer a wider variety to its users.

Players can also take advantage of a no-frills rewards program . Players earn the program's blue coins through regular activity and participation in the tutor area of ??the service. L' Tutor area GamersGate brings together users to help players around the world conquer challenging levels or game chapters. The good news is that the Tutor feature is available at no additional cost, which is very interesting.


8. Gamefly

Gamefly probably one of the most established services in this market. started with a Netflix-like product that send players their favorite titles via email . Subscribers paid a monthly fee and kept the game for as long as they wanted. This strengthened the company's reputation when they switched to online rental options. Every new subscriber to this monthly program gets the first month free and can cancel at any time. Always free shipping.

The company is also starting an expansion in the streaming market. His streaming experience will include a controller specially designed to work with the service and users will be able to access the library via selected smart TVs. Gamefly currently awaiting expansion to other devices shortly.


Bonus: Amazon

Amazon has become the standard for online shopping, but still has a way to go when it comes to matching its rivals in the gaming market. However, if you wish, you can use Amazon as an alternative to Steam. The games are structured through the games and apps section of the site. Each game sold as a music or app download. This in itself poses a problem, as the site fails to match what players need to find when looking for streaming options.

Offers are rarely presented through the site and, if one appears, usually limited to one-day sales. Customer service one of the strengths in using Amazon. If a problem occurs, someone is always waiting for help. Players who access selections via Amazon Fire Stick will also find it very convenient to purchase titles through Amazon.


Try these Steam Alternatives for your gaming solutions

Steam has become the gold standard of gaming services, but many companies are showing that they can be just as competitive as this glorious service for gamers. It all means that an exciting time to be a player in today's world. The more the services, the better experience for the players in general. As other services emerge, options, prices and even offers also emerge. Well, that's all on our side! Check out all the Steam alternatives and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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