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5 apps that make work from home more agile

Here are the tools that can help freelancers and employees away from the workplace

Smart Working

Whether you are comfortable on the armchair at home, on the train or at the bar in front of a good coffee, it is smart working it is also becoming increasingly popular in Italy. Despite not being regulated by an ad hoc law, projects dedicated to the so-called agile work are multiplying in large as in small companies. In 2015, in fact, according to the data of the Observatory of the School of Management of the Polytechnic of Milan, 17% of local companies started such programs, introducing new digital tools, organizational policies and new managerial behaviors to leave more autonomy to its employees. In 2014 they represented only 8% of the total.

Obviously, to achieve the same productivity results that can be achieved within the walls of an office, workers must be equipped with all the tools necessary to maintain high quality work. In addition to the numerous mobile devices available for any type of need, which allow you to work even outside the workstation in the company headquarters, important are some apps that turn smartphones and tablets into small portable offices. We have chosen five that can facilitate and speed up all operations related to smart working.


The latest application launched on the market dedicated to agile work is called Smartworking, available on both iOS and Google Play. It allows freelancers and all interested employees to find the most suitable spaces for your training needs. Whether it's a coworking area or a training meeting, all just a click away. Just enter your credentials, after registering, and check-in before starting your business.


The app allows you to access your computer remotely and the files it contains. In practice, the desktop, with all the most important documents, always at hand. In addition, everything can be shared with your colleagues. The platform also allows you to organize real online meetings, to which you can invite up to 25 people: in this way, training meetings can also be provided by cutting costs. It is possible to collaborate on common elements kept online and in real time, and make presentations.


This program allows you to save on your smartphone or tablet, taking a simple photograph, invoices, contracts and receipts in order to to be able to obtain reimbursement of expenses more automatically from your employer. Through a function called SmartCam, the app allows you to register a document just received, marking it directly in the list of expenses, which is continuously updated, and transform it into a digital file to be stored on any type of mobile device.


Famous and used a lot all over the world, this app downloaded since 2010, the year of its birth. Nothing but a speech recognition program. Allows you to easily dictate your messages and instantly view text messages or emails, five times faster than typing on keyboards. If you are committed to driving or doing other errands, Dragon Dictation allows you to optimize the time in the drafting of the text of an article or any document and the game done.


Very useful for those with low memory: this app in fact remembers appointments in the calendar, allows you to write a list of activities to do and take notes thanks to the voice recognition only. used by millions of people around the world. Not only for free, but also simple and fun to use. certainly the most famous to-do-list software on both Android and iOS, becoming a reference point in the sector from 2011 to today. In this way, the day is better planned and all commitments are managed perfectly, which can be shared with your contacts always through the same app.


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