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4D announces WebStar V for MacOS X: it will take advantage of multiprocessors.

4D announces WebStar V for MacOS X: it will exploit multiprocessors. | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

4D WebSTAR V a Carbon application, compiled as Mach-O binary. This allows the WSAPI plug-ins to be operational immediately while at the same time allowing fast access to the Layer of MacOSX BSD functional calls.

A developer version will be available soon starting from MacWorld San Francisco, without the administration application but with the web server, some plug-ins, and a development kit for the plug-ins themselves. All intermediate, fully functional versions will be freely downloadable but will have an expiration date.

The final release date set for spring 2001 but obviously depends on the release date of MacOX and its diffusion.

The differences with version 4 are remarkable thanks to the speed and robustness of Apple's new operating system, it will surely be "tremendously" faster than Webstar 4 on MacOs 9 because it will take advantage of BSD's preemptive threading and network APIs. robustness of MacOS X a CGI crash will not result in a server crash! The administration interface will be improved but will remain similar in appearance to that of the previous version to facilitate easy migration. Existing plug-ins will have to be converted for new API Carbon and recompiled as Mach-O.4D binaries will provide assistance to developers to help them in the porting as fast as possible. The transition from the old to the new version will be facilitated by a utility that allows you to keep part of the configuration information also allowing a gradual configuration … Version 4 has not been tested to run in a Classic environment and therefore users will probably have to pass and to V to have Webstar under MacOS X (with any compatible configuration).

Webstar V will also take advantage of the new multiprocessor machines that Apple will present in San Francisco especially for dynamic data requests (such as SSI pages) which depend strictly on the use of CPUs.

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