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15 million iPhones in 18 months?

15 million iPhones in 18 months? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

4 million phones in 2007 and more than double in 2008. Almost 15 million phones sold in total. Here are the iPhone sales forecasts developed by Goldman Sachs.

David Bailey, the analyst who developed the research, collected the data and created his predictions thanks to a series of interviews conducted shortly before the launch of the phone.

The part of the sample in possession of an iPod replied that 75% were interested in purchasing the phone. Half of the people surveyed said they intended to buy an iPhone; with reference to the United States alone, the percentage of interested parties was 71%.

Even the tight bond between iPhone and a carrier (like in the US) would not be a problem; 30% of possible British customers and 14% of American customers would be willing to abandon their access provider in order to have a telephone.

Overall, considering the inevitable phenomenon of cannibalization of the iPhone against the iPod, the new Apple device could lead, according to Bailey, to an increase of 4 to 5% in turnover in the next two years.

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