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Yelp opens in Italy. The local multinational

From a sore head to a multinational social network in 7 years. Now Yelp opens in Italy with website and App for iOS and Android.

Miriam Warren, Head of Europe, Yelp

Miriam Warren, Head of Europe – Yelp

Amazing life and opportunities are there, where you don't expect them. From a toothache to a multinational social network in just 7 years, a prodigy of inventiveness and determination. In 2004 when Jeremy Stoppelman, founder of Yelp, was looking for a trusted dentist (without knowing about it in San Francisco) he thought of creating a site. The idea was to be addressed by other people, who had already experienced the service, towards a reliable professional, a trusted doctor in short, even if not personally known. The success was immediate and Yelp became a huge online community, a network, which puts communicating people with commercial activities. Once conquered San Francisco, Yelp expanded to other cities in the United States, because Yelp is a local multinational, that is present in many countries where it offers services and information deeply rooted in the territory, in the cities, in the neighborhoods. The site, which is also an App for iOse and Android, is based on user indications, comments, recommendations, in short, recommendations on restaurants, hairdressers, hotels and much more. Today it boasts 63 million users on the web and 5 million through the App.Yelp now also open in Italy. Thousands of reviews can already be found at Italians are recognized all over the world as a trend-setter in fashion and food and Italy stands out for its local specifics and for having a culture that enhances the local communities, an element that many in the world envy – comments Miriam Warren, Head of Europe, Yelp – We believe that the arrival of Yelp in Italy will contribute to strengthening the Italians' attitude towards relationships and social networking and that with the site and applications furniture in Italian we can offer trend-setters one more tool to find and share the best commercial activities.Yelp a local guide says Miriam Warren – the strength of Yelp to collect reviews from people who know the city perfectly and the commercial activities . We have always moved from city to city, building our local community in every country. Even the local staff, because it is essential to speak the same language, to know people's habits and tastes. Although Yelp today a multinational company has not changed its profound spirit, that of being the best local guide available in the city, but how does such a site guarantee the quality of reviews, to avoid that the owners of the commercial activities simply exploit it for There is an articulated system of filters, explains Warren – a bit like spamming e-mail, certainly something can escape, but the community has great self-regulation skills. The untruthful reviews are immediately pointed out by the other members of the community and then our staff checks and verifies.Yelp not only a site to find a good restaurant but a very useful tool in business, companies can search for suppliers, partners and check the opinion of others users.