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With Mood you can add fonts, illustrations and backgrounds to chat messages

Underline some passages of text making them images, postcards to be sent via message: this is Mood's mission


Not all sentences in the echat are the same. And therefore, net of having a lot of time to spend, you can choose to underline some passages of text that you particularly care about. The AppMood starts from this idea: a keyboard, made by Notegraphy, which makes it possible to highlight certain phrases through filters, fonts, illustrations, backgrounds and decorations, in short, as if they were postcards ready to be shared. In chat, in fact, but also elsewhere (if the conversation was not too private).

A graphic keyboard that tries to undermine emojis (very hard operation), or at least offer an alternative. The first thing the developers clarify: "Don't worry, nothing you write is written or archived". If you were concerned about privacy.


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