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Windows 8.1 isn't free for everyone. How much it costs and who can install it

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<p dir=Yesterday, Microsoft, after making official the date of October 17 to exit the update a Windows 8, with a post revealed the conditions for making the expected update. Upgrade to the new version Windows 8.1 it will be free for those who already have the original version of Windows 8. For those who have, however, the previous versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, to update them, they will have to pay a fee, which for US users will be $ 119.99 for the basic version, while the professional version will cost $ 199.99. In essence, they are the same prices that had to be paid to update the operating system of the Redmond company to version 8. For Italy the prices have not yet been disclosed.

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<h3 dir=How to upgrade to Windows 8.1

The upgrade to Windows 8.1 it can take place either in the traditional way by purchasing the DVD at a retailer, or by making the download from the site of Microsoft makes some clarifications on the machines that can host version 8.1, in fact, recommends installing it on computers that are not too obsolete, because the machines that mount Windows XP or Vista, could not keep the performance promises indicated by Microsoft, even if possible to update them. Also, after installing the new operating system, you will need to reinstall all applications, even those from the same company as Office.

Self Windows 8.1 will be supplied with the purchase of a new PC, you can update the basic version with the Pro at a cost of $ 99.99, while, if already equipped with the Pro version, you can buy Windows Media Center for $ 9.99.

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<h3 dir=Who can install Windows 8.1

While the upgrade was previously only possible to those who already owned an earlier version of Windows, it can now be purchased Windows 8.1, providedin full versiondirectly in the shop even by those who do not have a previous version. This easily explained commercial revolution, Microsoft with Windows 8.1 wants to make its operating system easily usable by everyone, expanding the base of potential users, that is, those who are installing a new PC for the first time or who intend to install it in parallel on a Mac.