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WhatsApp is free again: it will no longer cost 99 cents

You will not have to pay anything to use the messaging service: how to monetize in the future?


Nine hundred million active users per month are not enough. This is why WhatsApp, the messaging application owned by Facebook for some time now, has decided to eliminate the payment of 0.99 cents annual.

true: the figure was negligible, but equally true that it forced users to a payment card. Not only a tedious operation, but sometimes impossible, if you think about developing countries.

And therefore, via the mechanism that included 99 cents every twelve months after the first year of use.

Now it remains to be understood how the application intends: the Facebook model (data, insertions), does not seem to be particularly suitable for a messaging app and according to the founder Jan Koum, the platform not yet ready to accommodate monetization mechanisms aimed at the business world and large organizations.


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