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What is Peach?

The new app by Dom Hoffman (Vine) makes you discuss and nice. But will I have a future?


The world of social networks in constant evolution, and it may happen that in the middle of the flow a branch moves away to become a torrent with its own features. the case of Peach.

It is known: many social networks arise and set in a very minimal period of time, and it is difficult to be able to bet on the duration of one or the other. The same rule applies to Peach, but with some differences.

If you accidentally opened your Twitter account on Friday, you can't help but come across someone who spoke of Peach: the new social network founded by Dom Hoffman, already co-creator of Vine, Twitter's 6 second loop video content platform. In itself, this can already be a guarantee of quality.

But in the current panorama of social communication, how does Peach fit – or could it fit -? To hypothesize it, it is necessary to understand what are the common points and those of distinction with the social networks already on the market. First of all, only possible to chat with IRL friends (reachable via username or mobile number), thus avoiding the annoying confusion of the Facebook stream, where friendship is usually an easy thing to give. Like Snapchat, too Mobile-based peach and, like Twitter, allows the sharing of very short content.

Screenshot Peach

The real novelty of Peachare for the magic words, or a list of hidden commandswhich allow you to insert a GIF, a song, a ranking, your location or how many steps were taken on that day. Just enter a letter in the text (like h for here, which enables localization).

The magic words of Peach

In short: the least invasive app of Facebook, least compulsive of Instagram and represents a step towards a more private view of Twitter. He has what it takes to grow. But will you do it? To date, only a nice thing to use, but the concept of the magic world is an interesting thing. For the rest, questions remain that only the future will answer.


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