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Vox, the powerful free music player also for Mac

iTunes is definitely the most used music player by users Mac, but many others don't want to have anything to do with it. Sar for its complex interface or for the lack of some functions, there is no denying that iTunes is far from perfect. So when a product comes out on the market that does things differently like Vox, we are interested in understanding more.


This time Vox, the Music Player already present on the web since 2006 and now inserted on App Store, that stands out, to try to become up Mac a viable alternative to iTunes. Also check out tuse Vox up to the challenge.

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<p dir=When it opens Vox on the Mac, you will notice that it has a minimal design and a simple interface.

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<p dir=Its minimal interface and its very streamlined use are immediately striking. instead Vox far from lacking and rather, it includes a wide range of functions that neither iTunes offers.

One of the most interesting features is support for a variety of formats, including FLAC, CUE, WMA is OGG, which are not supported by Apple's native music player.

Vox41 "width =" 210 "height =" 300 "srcset =" // 210w, // content / uploads / 2013/08 / Vox41-105x150.png 105w, // 290w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 210px) 100vw, 210px "/><img class=Vox it also allows you to play music from other sources, such as iTunes itself. you can drag files or upload them directly from the iTunes library, although sorry to see that it does not support iTunes Match yet, so if you have the service, you will need to download all the songs you want to listen to in the iTunes library first.




Up Vox, playback in itself fairly neat, not only offers the ability to view the current album cover on the task switcher, but also integrates with the Notification Center, something that even iTunes inexplicably does not do. This makes it very convenient, since you just have to go through the Notification Center to see what is currently playing.


can add files to playlist Vox from the albums displayed or from your iTunes playlists and other sources. The files added to the Playlist of Vox they remain there for later reproduction.

vox7 radio

Another couple of important features of Vox its integration with, the online radio service and, above all, the possibility of accessing thousands of online radio stations, even if this function is given as an option at a very reasonable price of 0.89,through the purchase "In-app".

If you hate having to drag the mouse and click on your music player every time you want to jump or listen to a certain song, then you may be interested to know that Vox it supports some custom keyboard shortcuts, as well as playback with external devices such as the remote control Apple Remote or the buttons of Apple headphones.

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<p dir=In addition to all these functions, there are other additional features in the app's settings. For example, playback can be stopped completely if you unplug the headphones, you can also set Vox to remain a priority to any other application, or you can choose to activate the controls from the menu bar, adjust the balance of the music, use it for the conversion to surround stereo and much more.

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<p dir=All in all, Vox an appropriate music player for the Mac. It offers integration with the Notification Center and also doubles as an online radio player. The lack of support for iTunes Match is a limit, but I understand most users Mac who do not use the service, but who can make it Vox an even more interesting music app and a real and worthy alternative to iTunes.