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Vine turns three

Looped 6-second clip: the Twitter app turns three. Here are the videos that have been played multiple times in the past year

(Photo: inForge)(Photo: inForge)

Happy birthday Vine. Happy birthday Vine. Happy birthday Vine.

Endless loops for the Twitter video sharing app, which turns three on Sunday 24 January, and for the occasion reveals the videos that have gone better over the past year.

Founded in 2012 by Dom Hofmann, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, it was bought almost immediately from Twitter. With its mother platform it has continued to pursue ever greater integration, so much so that at the moment the profiles are practically interchangeable.

In the first place of the clips – strictly 6 seconds – went several times in a loop, there is the one recorded inside the Stade de France during the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Follows "Duck Army"

In no time compared to the others, Leonardo di Caprio managed to earn third place alongside Lady Gaga at the Golden Globe. Indeed, a nice loop.

Fourth position for the undecided child between rice and crying

On the fifth an infallible method for to copy during the classwork:

Sixth an unfortunate basket:

Seventh position among the most looped videos of the year, for the cute little one who manages to get excited about an avocado:

Eighth position for a game not too good. Problems with games even in the video in ninth position:

Tenth and last position for "Who is she?"

Over the past year, Vine has also launched a series of features that give particular importance to music, such as Snap To Beat. Snap To Beat. Snap to Beat.

In all this, do you still use Vine?


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