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Viber for Mac and PC has arrived

The full-bodied update of Viber vers. 3.0, known free application of messages and phone calls for mobile devices iOS is Android, contains a number of interesting news, to the point of being called the turning point for this app. In addition to making phone calls, exchanging messages, video calling and video messaging, the client has also been added for Mac is Windows, which allows you to use the services of Viber not only on smartphones but also on devices desktop. App lappro on computers Mac is Pc they do of Viber the most direct competitor of Skype and the other competitor Whatsapp.

Viber for Mac and PCThe most important news of version 3.0:

  • Support for the brand new Viber desktop, on WINDOWS and MacOS
  • Transfer calls in real time between Viber on your iPhone and Viber on Windows or MacOS
  • Now you can send new video messages to your friends
  • The brand new voice engine improves audio quality on both low and high quality networks
  • The online status indicator tells you when friends are connected to Viber. Note: Users can receive messages even when they are not connected!
  • The banner inside the app signals you when you have received new messages
  • Automatically download new photos for faster viewing
  • Easily browse photos received by specific users or groups
  • Show only groups in on-screen messages, so you can quickly find a specific group
  • Larger photos and larger photo thumbnails
  • Best looking contact information screen

New pack of fun stickers Now accessibility supported

How to install Viber on Mac and PC

The real news of this update is the introduction of the version desktop, which allows, in addition to the usual messaging, to video call and synchronize with smartphones. It also allows you to transfer incoming calls from one device to another or from one device to Pc or Mac.

To activate the service on Mac is Pc, you must have it already installed and running on any mobile device. download Viber and install it on the Mac or Pc and when you are asked to enter the phone number, the one used to register on your smartphone, be careful to first select the Italian flag and then type 39 and not +39 before the telephone number, otherwise the system will not accept it. Now you just have to wait for the SMS to arrive and enter the code number received.

Viber for Mac and PC

The application Viber for mobile devices downloadable from their respective Store, while the versions for Windows and Mac OS X desktops are available on the official website