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It is Christmas and best wishes are a must. There are hundreds of wishes to those whom we cannot personally thank, who in this period of holidays, traditionally busy for everyone, also took time to remember our editorial staff. To them and to all our readers the dearest and best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. There will be time for budgets and for some hints about future projects. Let us therefore leave out a summary of what has been and what will be for Macity and MacProf here. Just know that our staff is working hard to try to make our sites more complete, functional and useful. With this in mind, we have developed an expansion plan that has started in the past few weeks. Although still a little complete, a few pieces of it are already able to offer its service. So we decided to remove a flap of the cloth that ideally covers our project and under which a complex construction site hurls and reveal a corner: it is of the Macity market. In the past many of you had asked us to activate one, but our staff has always preferred to postpone the decision pending finding a way to create one that was both functional and powerful. Now that we have found it we have decided for the big step.The application, produced by a leader in the Hagen Software sector, has numerous functionalities: it allows the creation of personal lists, the e-mail notification of the insertion of products of interest, uploading images and implements important functions for users 'privacy and security such as masking e-mail addresses and administrators' control of spamming, IP addresses and much, much more. For Macs, you will also find sections dedicated to digital video, PDAs and cards, photography … In short, everything that can be used with the Mac and for the Mac. Obviously, in addition to selling, you can also buy, rent and sell to the highest bidder. .We invite you to make a personal visit to our new market to discover all its features. In recent days our editors have worked hard to translate it entirely into Italian. Some parts of it, however (that the Help) remain in English and probably the most attentive will also find errors and imperfections that we invite you to report to us. In the next few days we will work on it again, but we are sure that even so it will already be a useful tool. Maybe with a few more days we could have done better, but we were too keen to make a Christmas present to our readers. Best wishes to all …

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