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Twitter for iPad, a new interface with multiple columns

A multi-column view optimized for the Apple tablet screen.

The Twitter iPad app is renewed. A new interface with an important strong redesign in making the best use of the screen properties of the Apple tablet.

Twitter for iPad now offers a multi-column view which allows you to see more information. Until now, Twitter for iPad had a single timeline of content, surrounded by a white space on both sides. This involveda significant waste of space, particularly in horizontal mode.

twitter for iPad

With this redesign, the renewed application for the Apple tablet now more like the web version of Twitter. The menu bar moved from the bottom of the timeline. On the other hand, you will find trending topics and other dynamic content.

Despite these improvements for Twitter for iPad it still does not allow you to customize the different columns based on user preferences.

Twitter policy: all types of commercials are prohibited

Features like this are currently available on Tweetdeck, but Twitter has been reluctant to add them to its standard app. However, the new iPad interface is much better than a single column with whitespace on both sides.

However, if you are already used to using the newTwitter app for Mac, developed using Apple's Mac Catalyst platform, Twitter's new redesign will seem immediately familiar to you.

Twitter has not officially announced this new design. The update is slowly spreading to users and it is not known when it will be available to everyone. The company may perform some A / B tests before officially announcing the global launch.

In essence, the appridisata for iPad now available, let's say, in a somewhat casual way. If you still do not see the new interface on your tablet, check the update in the next few days. The rollout of the new version of its iPad app is underway.