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Trendosaur: find the best products to sell online

With the e-commerce age showing no signs of slowing down, more and more people are heading online to buy their favorite products. In fact, consumers have been shown to spend more than $ 2 trillion annually on their online shopping habits. Of course, it means that companies like eBay and Amazon are reaping profits all over the world, but studies are showing that the market also has a demand for those small specialty stores that focus on industry niches internationally.

With the click of a button, it is now possible for almost everyone with a business mind to earn money in e-commerce. Services like Shopify and Squarespace have completely simplified the process and, if you don't want to manage your online store, you can even become a seller on Amazon or eBay itself.

That said, finding a place to sell a product just a piece of the puzzle, and if you want to become a successful online retailer and settle financially, you need to consider your process. One of the biggest obstacles facing new online retailers is knowing which products they should sell in addition to where these products should be purchased. If you are a budding online retailer in this position, Trendosaur was created with you in mind.

Trendosaur an online e-commerce service designed to save time and money to online retailers in the search for products and in the supply space. Trendosaur Trend Reports offer users an accurate catalog of products that are currently on the market and in this article, let's take a closer look at whether Trendosaur could be useful for your exclusive journey to become a successful online retailer.

Main features

  • Get a complete catalog of trendy products

While global retailers like Amazon and eBay have groups of thousands of sourcing products and online markets, small retailers are often left to guess what to buy and sell online. this is where Trendosaur comes in. Trendosaur Trend Reports analyze millions of publicly listed sales from online retailers such as Amazon, eBay and AliBaba and provide evidence based on qualified sales information. Each report uses Trendosaur's updated algorithms to screen the market data and provides a list of trending products on the market, including the suggested purchase / sale rates for your shop. With Trendosaur, you don't have to guess which products to sell, you just have to evaluate the options on the basis of qualified market data.

  • Get a list of suppliers

In addition to generating a customized list of products to sell online, Trendosaur takes a further step forward and groups a list of recommended suppliers, providing three of the most suitable merchants or factories to purchase the products. This means that users not only receive product recommendations, but a list of vendors where they can find these products. Most of these suppliers also drop-friendly, so you don't need to keep an inventory.

  • Get information on sales and purchase prices

Along with a list of potential products and suppliers, Trendosaur also provides detailed information on the price of a product. With its reports, you can always find the best "sale price" in addition to the purchase price of the products you want to sell. This not only helps to analyze profit margins, but also allows you to easily reduce competition if desired.

Ease of use

Trendosaur intentionally designed to be simple and easy to use. After providing relevant information on target markets and product categories, Trendosaur's trend product reports will analyze your data and generate a report of 20 relevant products and suppliers in your particular product category.

On a subscription model, users will receive these reports twice a month, allowing you to stay updated on trends and changing market data. No easier than that!

Prices and availability

Trendosaur available for any online retailer or aspiring e-commerce. Whether you run an online store using services like Shopify or Squarespace, or sell products on Amazon or eBay, Trendosaur can be used to get detailed information on trendy products to maximize sales globally.

The subscription service set at a cost of $ 19 USD / month or alternatively you can generate a single report for $ 19 USD.


  • Easy to use and suitable for everyone
  • Provides a list of products with the most potential demand
  • An always useful list of suppliers


  • A free trial is not yet available

Take your online retail business to new heights with Trendosaur

Trendosaur an online service that allows you to easily get information on trends and products and the list of suppliers from which the products come. If you are an online retailer that sells products on a whim and fails, try Trendosaur as it will surely help you sell more products and earn more.

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