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Trend Micro bets on 7

They buy them, love them, use them always and everywhere … At home, on the road and, above all, within their company and office. Tablets, smartphones, notebooks … Devices of all shapes and sizes have long since broken the banks that once divided private and working life … Managers and employees at all latitudes experience (…)

They buy them, love them, use them always and everywhere … At home, on the road and, above all, within their company and office. Tablets, smartphones, notebooks … Devices of all shapes and sizes have long since broken the boundaries that once divided private life and working life … Managers and employees at all latitudes experience the pleasures of Web 2.0 and always on and today "demand "To benefit from it both at home and, even more so, in the workplace. It writes consumerization of IT and reads it as the biggest challenge for today's IT infrastructure. Managing, integrating and making productive or functional this perpetual movement of disposing you is not a job for everyone?

For CIO and companies, a big hand in this direction now comes from Trend Micro. The security giant has in fact raised the curtain on Trend Micro Mobile Security 7. The stated goal is to allow businesses and employees to take advantage of the productivity benefits offered by the consumerization of IT, mitigating the risks related to security, data protection and device management. The consumerization of IT brings with it a particular set of strategic and operational challenges. The absence of a planned approach to consumerization creates security risks and exposes financially, as well as causing critical management issues for IT. At the same time, however, it is an excellent opportunity with which companies of all sizes can promote increases in productivity, operational agility and satisfaction of customers and employees.

Recent research conducted by Trend Micro on corporate IT decision makers revealed significant data on how consumerization is catching on in corporate IT environments:

74% of respondents already allow their employees to use personal devices for work activities. Most end users prefer these devices because they are easier to use, more comfortable, and allow you to switch between personal and business activities. 50% of IT decision makers said that companies should offer full support to employee devices, but with an important premise: 79% believe, in fact, that users should be obliged to install appropriate solutions for mobile security on their personal mobile devices.80% of respondents believe that the presence of company data on a mobile device exposes him to an increased risk of being attacked. 69% of respondents consider mobile device security to be an essential component of protecting IT environments from the risks introduced by employees' personal devices; 71% of respondents think that a combination of security and mobile device management is the most effective method of addressing the security and administration challenges introduced by the consumerization of IT.

The pressure to enable the use and support of heterogeneous employee-owned devices raises new IT challenges, said Cesare Garlati, Trend Micro's Senior Director for Consumerization. With Trend Micro Mobile Security 7, IT staff can begin to address these challenges by allowing companies to realize all the benefits of consumerization.

As a leader in the consumerization of IT, Trend Micro allows companies to take a proactive approach towards the protection, management and security of mobile devices and the corporate data they contain.

Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 for businesses extends protection beyond traditional PCs to secure data on a wide range of consumer-grade mobile devices such as Android, iPhone and iPad devices. With all the features for threat prevention, data protection and mobile device management combined under a single point of control, Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 allows companies to safeguard and limit cases of data loss and reduce costs operations associated with the management of employee-owned mobile devices.

Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 Key Features

Management from a single centralized console Central management, scalable, reliable and tested that allows you to manage the security and configuration of PCs and mobile devices from a single console.

Mobile Device Management implements enabling, provisioning and de-provisioning of access to networks and applications by providing visibility on devices and their status and allowing IT administrators to take proactive control and reduce the cost of support.

Data protection allows you to remotely block and delete company data in the event of theft or loss of the device; disable specific features like camera, Bluetooth connectivity and SD card readers; implements the device inventory and keeps track of where they are.

Mobile Device Security implements malware protection by leveraging the intelligence of the Trend Micro Smart Protection Network cloud-based infrastructure, adds firewall / IDS functionality, filters and logging of calls and messages as well as forcing the password request when the power is turned on. device.

Large number of supported platforms the solution allows to activate a transparent cross-platform security independently from the devices, in Android, iOS, Windows and Symbian environments.

Trend Micro recommends that companies adopt a strategic approach towards consumerization, involving management and business units in the development of related policies; preparing a plan that clearly defines the supported, tolerated and prohibited technologies; and installing an enterprise-level infrastructure to address security and compliance issues, centralized management and cost control.

Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 available as a standalone solution for businesses, as a plug-in for Trend Micro OfficeScan, or as part of the following security suites: Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints Advanced, Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Endpoints & Mail Servers, Trend Micro Enterprise Security Suite.

Enterprise solutions that complement Trend Micro Mobile Security 7 include: Trend Micro OfficeScan, Trend Micro Virtual Desktop Security solutions, Trend Micro Endpoint Encryption and Trend Micro Data Loss Prevention.