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Tinder measures how desirable you are, like Warcraft

The dating app gives users a score that establishes how desirable they are, but calculating it is not at all simple

(Photo: Tinder)(Photo: Tinder)

Tinder makes them, and then mates them. The famous dating app evaluates the desirability of its users, giving them a score that would be called "Elo Score", borrowing a terminology that comes from chess.

This score, following the logic, would tend to make people with the same degree of appeal meet.

Yet put it too simple, said CEO Sean Rad. It took them two and a half months to come up withalgorithm exactly, precisely because many more factors contribute than one imagines.

Nobody in the company has gone into too much detail, but Jonathan Badeen, Tinders VP of the product, explained a clearer mechanism to Fast Company: users achieve more "desirability" when they are chosen by someone who in turn has a high desirability, compared to what happens every time they are chosen from less ?attractive? profiles.

A bit like Warcraft, he explains: "When you play with someone who has a very high score, you earn more points than when you compare yourself with someone who has less".

Without counting, that a degree of subjectivity must still be given to the individual, despite the final score: some users can really be hit by a haircut, or by a photo of an extreme sport, but someone else could choose the famous swipe right (= I like you) because he appreciated the biography of the subject, or perhaps sensitive to the charm of a profession.

Another figure that should be considered, the weight that the "Super like" option assumes within the algorithm.


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