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This app helps you clean up the Facebook timeline

Hushfeed allows you to choose who to follow and who not to among your friends, without having to remove them from your contacts. as easy as Tinder


Tinder on Facebook. It almost seems so to see it, Hushfeed, the application that cleans the Facebook timeline. The application comes to the aid of those who find insufficient the functions made available by the social network to obtain in the News section only those in which they are particularly interested.

On the one hand, through the analysis of the people with whom the user has multiple interactions, and on the other, following the indications that he himself with the various "Hide guy and caio", Facebook processes, and gradually improves, the offer updates. Hushfeed goes more straight to the point, asking users to select who they want to follow, and who they don't. This without having to eliminate from friends those who do not like to follow.

Following the right / left swipe model made a success Tinder, allows you to take stock of the situation on your contacts, without waiting for Facebook to show them over time, and then discard their status updates. Happy Christmas cleaning at all.


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