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The worst passwords of 2019, a top ten without too many surprises

Millions of people still choose "12345" as their password

What are the worst passwords of 2019? Year after year, analyzes show that millions of people make, to put it mildly, questionable choices when it comes to the passwords they use to protect their accounts. And new statistics for the year that is about to end confirm that bad habits They do not change.

Drawing on an analysis of a total of 500 million passwords leaked in various data breaches in 2019, it was discovered that "1 2 3 4 5","1 2 3 4 5 6" is "123456789"Still reign supreme in order of frequency. Among them, these numeric strings have been used to" protect " a total of 6.3 million accounts.

While the word "password"Dropped two places on the list this year compared to last year, it always remains in the top five. There are some new ones on the list, such as"qwertyuiop"And various numbers of repeated sequences such as" 7777777 ", however the report notes that even passwords that seem complicated are rather trivial and created using itasti located next to each other on the keyboard. Below is the ranking of the worst passwords of 2019 used:

worst passwords of 2019

1 – 123456 (first in the ranking as for 2018)

2 – 123456789

3 – qwerty

4 – password

5 – 1234567

6 – 12345678

7 – 12345

8 – iloveyou

9 – 111111

10 – 123123

Predictably enough the ranking that overall full of passwords among the most common, see ?qwerty?,?iloveyou'. Other extremely hackable passwords, including simple numeric strings, common names and key files, abound as often happens.

Worst passwords of 2019, some suggestions

Check all the accounts you own and eliminate those you no longer use. Update all passwords and use the more complicated passwords to protect your accounts. Add levels of protection with biometric data and set up a password manager. Finally, be sure to check each account regularly for suspicious activity. If you notice something unusual, change your password immediately.