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The free to play game that defeated Diablo

My first really good game was Diablo II: Lord of destruction. A legend! The game that dictated the rules of the action RPG genre. When I first saw it Path of Exile I thought: this Diablo III / B! That is, Blizzard has released Diablo III, but Grinding Gear Games, a small New Zealand indie house, has released version B.

path-of-exile-wallpaper-hd "width =" 461 "height =" 259 "srcset =" // -1024x576.jpg 1024w, // 520w, // /uploads/2013/12/path-of-exile-wallpaper-hd-150x84.jpg 150w, // 300x169.jpg 300w, // 768w, // uploads / 2013/12 / path-of-exile-wallpaper-hd-640x360.jpg 640w, // .jpg 980w, // 1920w "data-sizes =" (max-width: 461px) 100vw, 461px "/><span style=A very welcome surprise because the guys who made it said that the game we wanted to play. Now let me explain better what they meant; look at the difference: Blizzard publishes a sensational game at a substantial price, focusing on what is now a brand and blackmailing all the old players with nostalgia; not satisfied, also inserts a system of real money action house, spoiling the game's business dynamics just to earn even more.

Instead these programmers make a beautiful game (it has a metascore score of 85 and IGN of 8.8 officers, but in the communities it also goes to 9, beating Diablo 3 widely), they do it for free and they do it for free seriously. Many free to play games, including some listed in a previous article, are pay to win, that is, the more you pay the more you have benefits and therefore you win, which in this title does not exist. It seems absurd but c who would not pay a 50 full optional game but would pay 100 in downloadable content to get the same thing. clear that these guys give up a lot of money to give away such a game. To earn something they rely on ethical microtransactions or sales regarding features that are not incisive on the gameplay, such as aesthetic traits, pets, particular animations but we see the game.

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<p>First we choose our character from a package of seven classes, but the system of evolution of the character so articulated as to make the initial choice almost exclusively of an aesthetic nature. Everyone can customize the character's abilities through a skill tree with 1350 (!) Different points, each of which improves a talent or parameter. The story begins with the shipwreck of the ship on which we were traveling, which leaves us on the beach, in a dark fantasy context with numerous references to such exponent games. The settings are essential and make the idea of ??a cruel and bloody world, the dungeons are always immersed in darkness and the enemies in dying release fountains of blood, forget to enjoy the blue skies on this journey.</p>
<p>We move in the black continent of Wraeclast, through camps where shopkeepers meet, quests and the plot unravels, while in the passages from one field to another we collide with swarms of mobs and, here and there, minibosses. Sounds like Diablo, doesn't it? It even has the red sphere at the bottom left and the blue sphere at the bottom right! Instead it has the dynamics that distinguish it, especially in the fact of being a game born for multiplayer. First of all there are the guilds, a typical aggregation element that was not in Diablo, then there is a special function to form a party in each camp. A unique feature that enhanced me that the single game currency, the classic copper-silver-gold system, is missing. You can only trade, in this way the gold sellers and the classic players who pay and go a thousand times faster than the best ones, who are hateful, have been eliminated. The economy is based on particularly sought-after objects (as in the old Diablo le <i>hig runes</i>).</p>
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The campaign is divided into three difficulties in which to progressively grow your character until it becomes a monster capable of mowing down entire swarms of mobs at once. Terribly fun, terribly rewarding, just the old model RPG, capable of keeping the player attached hours and hours to the screen just to find an object or make monsters in order to become bigger and bigger; also because the graphics render animations such as those of fire and electricity very well, making the battles against multiple enemies very spectacular. And when you think you have seen everything you will discover that the game hides 67 maps, very difficult to find and of exorbitant value that open portals to areas with very strong beings and incredible rewards, such as the Uber Tristram of the old Diablo II: LoD.

Pulling a summary, without a doubt one of the best free to play I've ever played. He has proven to give the giants of his field a hard time even going so far as to beat them in the looting or personalization system of the character (I remind you the number 1350), all without losing his pure free-to-play label, without dirty requests camouflaged by in-game aids. I assure you fun for hours, replayability guaranteed by the map generation algorithms and guaranteed fun! Good game!