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The best apps to add Blur Effect to images on Android

Since deglismartphone cameras are more and more performing, there are many who want to take excellent photos with special effects. Lately, one of the most desired effects in the shots is that of add Blur Effect to images (blur effect), and in this article we see how to make them especially on Android devices. It is a much sought after effect, so much so that many smartphone manufacturers have started to provide this function in their stock camera applications.

If done right, this effect makes the images professional. If you follow our advice, you will probably also be able to save a lot of money if the purpose is to share images with Blur Effect on social media. This effect also called pre-focus effect and uses the camera's ability to perceive the depth of the objects included in the photo. Of course, the more natural the effect comes from shooting with the camera lens, but not all devices have this function in the camera apps. So here we offer 5 applications to add Blur Effect to images on Android devices.

How to add Blur Effect to images on Android

1. After Focus

add Blur Effect to images 1AfterFocus allows users to add blur effects to an existing image in the gallery or take a new photo with the existing camera app on your device. Even if you're taking photos with a smartphone camera that supports blur effects, the effects are only added in post-processing. There are two ways to apply this effect: smartphone camera that supports blur effects, or effects that are added only in post-processing. This app allows two modes:

  1. Smart mode allows you to easily select which parts should be in focus and which should be blurred by simply drawing a border with your finger.
  2. Manual mode requires you to rub the entire area you want to keep in focus with your finger and everything else will be blurred.

Download AfterFocus from the Play Store

2. Aviary Photo Editor

add Blur Effect to images 2Aviary one of the most popular photo editing applications on the Google Play Store as underlined by over 50 million downloads. Not only an app that allows you to add blur effects, but as mentioned, a full-fledged photo editor, with lots of tools, effects and filters that we don't talk about here. The reason I mentioned Aviary because an excellent "Focus effect?Which allows users to select a focus area using circular or rectangular selection tools.

The rest of the image outside the selection obviously blurred when applying the effect. You can continue to edit the image and apply other effects and filters on it before saving the final copy.

Download Aviary Photo Editor from the Play Store

3. PicsArt

add Blur Effect to images 3I'm not sure you'll find a list of photo editors that you don't mention PicsArt, no matter how narrow the scope is. If such a list exists, or you are deliberately trying to ignore this app or not an honest list. Now I'm not a fan of this particular application, but when it comes to photo editing on Android, this is among the best. Complicated to use, but full of features. More than a 100 million downloads suggest that the final photo editor on Android. Speaking of blur effects, the PicsArt application does not have one, but at least 5 blur effects to choose from – normal, smart, movement, focal and radial.

Download PicsArt from the Play Store

4. Cymera

add Blur Effect to images 4Cymera this is also a photo editing app with a large amount of features that we cannot exhaust in this post. But the application has blur effects to be used on images. Unlike other editing applications, Cymera, as the name suggests, is a kind of camera application. And above all this, photo editing should actually be a feature of the camera. But the roles have been reversed. The blur effects offered here are very similar to Aviary. It means that you can select a focus area with a selection tool and then blur the rest of the image.

Download Cymera from the Play Store

5. Lens Blur

add Blur Effect to images 5All these applications above have some really interesting effects besides the blurring characteristics. But what if you don't want all these focus functions? Sometimes everything you want for photos is a beautiful and professional camera, without unnecessary filters and editing functions. Lens Blur an app that I wouldn't mind keeping if I just want to apply a blur effect. All you have to do with Lens Blur is to touch on the part of the photo you want to focus on.

Download Lens Blur from the Play Store

These Android apps allow you to add Blur Effect to images (blur) taken with cameras on Android devices, therefore also used by devices not provided with this effect in official apps.