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In this article we see what they are the best anti malware free (free) that you can use to make your computer safer. Every day the Internet allows us to find a great deal of information in the most disparate fields by browsing the various sites.

However, when browsing the internet, especially if you visit sites that are not very secure, there is the risk of downloading infected programs or files, sometimes even without being asked whether or not to download the malicious content or by presenting the user with deceptive messages that , following the user's click, they install malicious software on the computer / device used.

Although when we talk about malicious content we immediately think of viruses, there are many other types of infections on the internet, i malware, which can cause damage to your computer or device, these have different names based on the type of damage they cause: spyware, adware, ransomware, worms, trojans, keyloggers, dialers, hijackers, rootkits, etc..

best anti malware free

The first step to protect your computer or internet connected device from these malware is undoubtedly install a good antivirus program. Who can not afford a paid antivirus, there are free antivirus that still offer good basic protection.

In addition to antivirus for, to increase security, good practice to use and install anti malware programs.Anti malware programs they are not alternatives to antivirus but they are placed alongside them to increase the security of your pc or device and now, since almost all devices are connected to the internet, their use has become almost a must.If some types of malware do not cause serious damage to the computer, others seriously affect its use.The type of malware that has been spreading more and more in recent years is that of ransomware.

This type of malware takes the files usually considered important for the user (documents, photos, .zip .rar archive files, etc.) "hostage", making them inaccessible by encoding them (encryption). The affected person is given instructions on how to obtain the key to decode (decrypt) the files taken hostage, instructions which include, in all cases, having to pay a certain sum of money to obtain the decryption key.

Below we see which are the best anti malware free available.



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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware the most widely used and probably the best anti-malware program, available in the free and paid version and in Italian. The free version does not offer real-time protection, blocking malicious URLs, scheduled activities and the daily automatic updates (which can still be performed manually in the free version). Despite the limitations of the free version, this still offers excellent support in detecting and eliminating malware even on infected computers or devices, it allows, for example, to detect and eliminate rootkits from infected computers. Due to its wide spread, the developers have realized also the version for smartphones and tablets with Android operating system.Official website


SUPERAntiSpyware an anti-malware program available in an installable version and in a standalone version (portable version) in the free mode and a paid version that includes some features not present in the free version (real-time protection, automatic updates, scheduled scans). All versions allow to detect and eliminate: Spyware, Adware, Malware, Trojan, Dialer, Worm, KeyLogger, HiJacker, Parasite, Rootkit. Official website


Malware Fighter uses the Bitdefender Anti-Virus engine to improve the detection of malware: ransomware, spyware, adware, trojans, keyloggers, bots, worms and hijackers. Offers real-time protection against malware; it includes privacy and password protection for Chrome, IE, Firefox and Edge browsers and protection against homepage changes and search engines set in the browser that malware often tries to modify. Official website


EMCO Malware Destroyer allows you to scan and remove viruse, malware, trojans, worms, etc., even on computers connected via LAN. It does not offer real time protection, but allows you to increase the definition database through anonymous sharing of the analyzes performed and threats detected.Official website

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With Spybot Search & Destroy can scan and fix malware and rootkits, provides a protection tool while browsing the internet and system immunization to prevent malware, proactively, from attacking the system, blocking access to sites known to have content dangerous software, blocking cookies used only for tracking activities and blocking browser plugins detected as malware or similar.Spybot Search & Destroy available in the free and paid version.The free version does not offer real protection and also allows the updating of the definitions only once a week. Official website

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Convenient Cleaning Essentials executable without needing to be installed (standalone), just download the file, unzip and run the CCE.exe file. At startup, if there is an internet connection, updates will be automatically downloaded.Comodo Cleaning Essentials allows you to scan of the computer in three modes (smart scan, full scan or custom scan), offers the possibility to scan the MBR, the processes running, the programs running automatically, critical paths and boot sectors, hidden folders and files. official


SpywareBlaster unlike most anti-malware programs, it mainly focuses on preventing malware infection.It prevents the installation of ActiveX-based spyware and other potentially dangerous programs, blocks spy cookies, tracking cookies and other harmful actions that may occur when browsing potentially dangerous websites. Official website


SpyDLLRemover it is distributed in a standalone version, which can therefore be used without having to be installed. The program provides the tools to detect and eliminate spyware and rootkit DLLs which usually modify and "inoculate" malicious code in the system DLL files. threats, these are listed in different colors according to the severity of the threat (the red ones are the most dangerous), they can also be sent to be analyzed online with VirusTotal, ThreatExpert, ProcessLibrary and Google. Official website

Dr.Web CureIt

Dr.Web CureIt a free and paid anti-malware program. The free version requires that anonymous statistics are collected to detect new infections, useful to speed up the search for solutions to new threats to the detriment of those who want a maximum level of privacy (the data collected is still used anonymously). You can perform a complete scan or select certain folders. Dr.Web CureIt is released in a portable version, that is, without having to install it, the file to be downloaded is still quite "full-bodied", about 130MB. Official website

Reason Core Security

We end the list of the best anti malware free with Reason Core Security which offers protection tools to counter the activation of unwanted offers and the download of unwanted programs that are often offered during the installation of certain programs. The free version does not offer real-time protection and some advanced features, however always present the possibility to scan and eliminate all types of harmful malware: trojans, worms, bots, adware, spyware, PUP (unwanted software), etc. Official website

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We have come to the end of the list, tell us which of these anti malware you prefer or leave a comment to report an anti malware not present in this list.

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Now it's up to you to choose which of the best anti malware free to use often scan (always updating the database the definitions), especially if you find yourself browsing sites that contain a lot of advertising and unsafe content. Furthermore, since many programs listed are available in portable versions (standalone), it is advisable to scan with different programs in order to have greater security of having an infection-free computer.