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Test your knowledge of TV series with this app

The application that tests knowledge of TV series and films already has two thousand users


Do you think you know everything about Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black or other hit and unsuccessful TV series? Nobody knows better than Plot Guru, the new app that aims to verify your knowledge of the best Netflix series and programs, but which already looks beyond.

It is a simple interface that poses multiple choice questions which relate to plot, characters, general curiosities about the world of entertainment and allows you to play challenging your friends. It currently has 17 shows and 2000 users, but aims to grow over time.

The idea, compared to other existing quiz apps, is to welcome users' tastes and expand the themes as much as possible."The general plan to release new shows and seasons every week or two,"founder Justin Key said: "Moving forward we are also adapting our new basea releases to what our users are looking at and what they are asking for".

Currently available only for iOS, the app in the first few months of 2016 foresees the arrival on the Android platform and other news, as a profit system for the game.


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