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Telegram, bots will offer gifs and other content in chats

The application of encrypted messages makes better use of bot accounts: now you just need to mention them in the chat to be able to send many types of content faster


Sending content online is easier on Telegram. The encrypted instant messaging application has decided to take advantage of ibotie automatic accounts that can be used by users to perform functions. If before it was necessary to "contact" them in specific chats, the new one inline mode makes them real tools.

In this way, the bots will not have to be members of the chat, but just mentioning them will help users to quickly send GIFs, images from the web, YouTube, Wikipedia articles.

How it works: while you're composing the message, that's it type the various @username (see: @gif, @vid, @pic, @bing, @wiki, @imdb and @bold): the application will then propose content that is easily shared in the conversation.

decidedly more palatable than the super groups of a thousand people, and the fact that Telegram is an open platform, opens the way for all developers who want to use this feature to generate new tools.

In the official announcement, the company clarifies that bots will not have the slightest access to the conversations in which they are used.


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