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Snapchat videos, each user sees them and reviews them 70 times a day

The self-destructing app gets more and more results in terms of videos delivered and enjoyed, even if it has far fewer Facebook users

Photo: Snapchat Discover

Snapchat's run-up to Facebook had already begun widely – it touched the 6 billion videos viewed per day in November – and is still booming.

According to well-informed sources, the videos played on the platform every day would now be 7 billion, while – according to Bloomberg – Facebook already puts 8 billion on the plate. There is only one parameter that changes the cards on the table, namely the number of users: for Facebook 1.55 billion, while the app has just 100 million. Not a small difference. Not only that: on Snapchat the user who wants to see the video must touch it, the autoplay does not work. So each voluntary reproduction and, on average, there are 70 each, compared to just over 5.

The source, who wanted to remain anonymous, said that the surge due to the introduction of the "Stories" functionality, which allows the videos to remain visible for 24 hours (Snapchat's main feature is the exchanged content that self-destructs).

The objectives that the application of Evan Spiegel has set are quite clear: in addition to expanding its audience – thanks to a strategy that aims at the mainstream – there is the overcoming of competition in the video field. Facebook, but also YouTube.


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