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Snapchat tries to become Messenger

The application is testing audio-video calls and stickers in conservations

(Photo: Getty Images)(Photo: Getty Images)

Snapchat looks in the mirror and thinks that yes, maybe it would be nice to look a bit more like Messenger.According to what was leaked from the screenshots of an Android that is probably participating in the test phase, the application would be testing not only audio and video calls, but also the introduction of stickers.

So, after dedicating an important parenthesis to publishing with Discover, in an attempt to expand its audience by accrediting itself with public opinion not only as an app for younger people, it returns to focus on the messaging functions (on 200 million users, the heart is still between 18 and 24 years old).

According to rumors, therefore, the text and photo chat options, and the complex call option during which both participants must keep their finger pressed on the screen, new functions will arrive.

(Photo: 9to5google)(Photo: 9to5google)

The addition of stickers could also be an idea to monetize, even if the best ones have already been hoarded by Telegram.


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