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Snapchat, not just kids: it wants to become mainstream

The app created for sexting among teenagers changes its face: the White House opens its official profile and the Wall Street Journal is added to the publishers of Discover

(Photo: Ap / LaPresse)(Photo: Ap / LaPresse)

full-blown dynamic, that social networks change together with their audience. Facebook itself has adjusted the tyranny of its mission at the dawn – from university social to everyone's social network – and we still wonder about the grip it has among teenagers, after years of experience.

The latest genetic change concerns Snapchat, which seems to have officially passed the image of apps for spicy exchanges among very young people. Efforts, in this sense, came from the platform itself: Discover was one of the most important steps in this direction.

Two recent events make the expansion of the target even more concrete: on the one hand, the Wall Street Journal which entered the list of publishers selected by Snapchat who through Discover can convey their original content. On the other, the White House has inaugurated its official account.

Users already seem to have noticed the difference:

Now, if you manage to keep up the mood of the younger troops – also thanks to the presence of more attractive publishers for their age group – and at the same time attract a more adult audience, the journey will be completed and will, at all indeed, a mainstream social.


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