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Shodan – discover devices on the Internet

Today we talk about Shodan, an alternative search engine and little known to the most that allows us to obtain a whole series of sensitive information of critical level, through the Internet for studies on systems security and of networks.

Shodan GiardiniBlog

The search engine Shodanhas done (and still does) a lot of talk about seperch differs from Google for its ability to index all the small devices that are part of the category Internet of Things, devices which also have only a minimum of computational capacity but which are permanently connected to Internet.

GiardiniBlog, the staff and the author of the article, do not assume any responsibility. In this blog we are versus crimes involving unauthorized access to IT systems. Use the information in this article only for information purposes only.

Everyone can tryShodan which is available at

The idea behind this search engine, defined as the most dangerous search engine in the world, is to prove that many devices I'm vulnerable if not properly configured and which are publicly accessible via the internet; the search engine does not violate any security protocol or login, but limits itself to cataloging what are the webcams, routers, dreamboxes, printers or any sort of device reachable by a crawler by simply obtaining banners or basic information that the manufacturer of the devicestessof supply in a public way.

The information available, even if for demonstration purposes only, can be used by a striker (also call it a hacker) for penetrate in cataloged systems and collect sensitive data using the default passwords of the indexed devices.

Shodan also provides information on the services and versions of the software installed on the devices it finds; perform a search on web servers, ftp, ssh, telnet, snmp and sip services.

Obviously, it is not easy for the common user to use the search engine and steal sensitive information. We can try to perform a search in the same way as Google and we can not get common results of any use.

ShodanLet's try for example with a search default password to get some more information on the passwords used by default and many internet-connected devices that use them.Shodan

The engine can also be used to obtain a series of statistics on the most used browsers and computers or on the most widespread ones.

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<p>To take advantage of the potential of this tool, you need to register and enter your email and know what to look for. Advanced and paid accounts are available that show more results and allow a more systematic use of the Shodan engine, for example through the use of filters.</p>
<p>The really dangerous thing, not so much the search engine itself, as it is <strong>tools</strong> / tools that exploit the information provided by the search engine to attack systems and devices in bulk or automatically.</p>
<p>In fact, the page is available <strong>API</strong> (functions) to call directly <strong>Shodan</strong> from another program.<img class=

With the tools combined with Shodan (which we also avoid just mentioning for obvious reasons), a user able to spying on webcams installed in the apartments, to take control monitor, enter the software of a router and start monitor all traffic of an unsuspecting user or checking a dreambox for access to PayTV with lots of features registration is streaming.

For example, in a completely legal way, there is the possibility of finding all third level domains (subdomains) of a main domain through a tool called starstar with Shodan behind the scenes:

Using the shodan_key obtained during registration on Shodan, you can do a thorough search on a domain name and have all the information possible using the command (for example)

./ -s -o ~ / Desktop /

This is just a glimpse of what lies behind the universe discovered by this search engine.

Luckily fend by the type of most critical searches, that is, those on sensitive data, enough simple; avoid using default password of the manufacturer, think twice before leaving a device connected to the internet and with public services and having a minimum of common sense.