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Root permissions on Xiaomi Mi6 and TWRP Recovery

If you've been waiting for the right moment to flash custom ROMs on your Xiaomi Mi6, then it's here. TWRP (Team Project Recovery) has finally made its first step towards Xiaomi Mi6, releasing the most famous custom recovery, albeit through an unofficial channel. This guide will allow you to make classic changes on Android devices, such as getting iRoot permissions on Xiaomi Mi6 and install TWRP Recovery.

Of course, you will need to unlock your Xiaomi Mi6's Bootloader to get any changes to the device. Unlike other normal OEMs, Xiaomi takes a few days to unlock its devices. To unlock the bootloader, go to the Xiaomi website, click on the button Unlock nowand follow the wizard to unlock your device once and for all. Once done, changing your device will be much easier thanks to the XDA forum.

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Root permissions on Xiaomi Mi6 eTWRP Recovery

If you have already unlocked the Bootloader on your Mi6, you can go ahead and follow the guide below to install TWRP Recovery and then use it to install the SuperSU file that allows you to obtain root permissions on Xiaomi Mi6.

How to flash TWRP Recovery on Xiaomi Mi6

Once downloaded the file with extension .img of TWRP (link below), you must make sure that you have the device drivers installed on your PC in order to proceed without problems. Another very important thing to make a backup of all your important data, be it contacts, audio, video or documents. In the event that something happens by mistake your data will remain safe.

The easiest and safest way to correctly install all the necessary drivers, installing the Mi PC Suite (link to follow).

In addition, it is advisable to connect the Mi6 to PC via the USB cable supplied with the device, because other cables could create connectivity problems and interfere with data transfer.

Download Mi PC Suite(for Windows, 37MB)

After successfully installing the drivers on your PC, we can start:

  • Download the TWRP Recovery file for your Xiaomi Mi6 from here.
  • Start by turning off your device, then press and hold the buttons Volume down + Power buttonfor about 7 seconds until the Mi logo appears on the screen (If it doesn't work, try pressing the buttons together Volume Gi + Home + Power button).
  • Now connect the Mi6 to the PC with a USB cable (preferably the cable supplied with the device).
  • Next, install and configureADB and Fastboot on your Windows or Mac computer.
  • Switch to the ADB folder (usually in drive C) and now, on the address bar of this folder on the Windows PC, type cmd and press the button enter. The command prompt window will open with its location set in the folder where ADB.
  • Copy the file.imgof the TWRPin the ADB folder and rename it totwrp.img.
  • Type the following command to check if fastboot it works:
fastboot devices

The device ID will be shown on fastboot. If not, disconnect the phone and reinstall the drivers on the PC, reconnect again and try this command again.

Root permissions on Xiaomi Mi6Now, install TWRP Recovery using this command.

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

This command installs the TWRP Recovery file that we have renamed intwrp.img on your Mi6.

This is all. TWRP recovery has been installed on your Xiaomi Mi6. To check it, restart the device in recovery mode.

Note: can use the keysVolume down + power button to enter TWRP.

How to get root permissions on Xiaomi Mi6

  • Download the file SuperSU from here.
  • Copy the SuperSU file to the Mi6.
  • Then, restart your device in TWRP Recovery. To do this, hold down the buttons Volume Up + Power button for about 7 seconds until you see nothing on the screen. (If that doesn't work, try the Volume Up + Home + Power buttons together.)
  • Once you are in recovery mode, click oninstall.
  • You must find the file and select it.
  • Simply touch to confirm the installation.
  • Once the process is complete, select Reboot System. Restarting takes some time and this is perfectly normal, even 10 minutes.

With TWRP you will have a more precise level of control over which files or ROMs you flash. TWRP also provides an integrated file manager with basic functionality for transferring files to and from different locations. The rather simple and even more user-friendly user interface.

Solve the problems of Xiaomi Mi6

If something goes wrong and you want to bring your Mi6 in its original condition, you can do it simply by installing the official firmware on your device. The installation of the firmware or ROMstock must install all the partitions on the device and remove any incorrect installation or anything else, returning to the original version.