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Pokemon GO official download for Italy

Pokemon GO it is spreading everywhere, there is no social network where you do not read Pokemon Go. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are full of messages from people talking about the Pokemon Go game, which will probably be one of the most popular game apps very soon Pokemon GO developers initially released the game only in the United States and a few other countries. All of Europe was initially excluded, but many still managed to play Pokemon GO by downloading the App installation file through unofficial ways. It led many people to complain about being unable to install Pokemon GO in Italy. and in other countries if not using these "alternative methods".pokemon go download italy

Recently at last Pokemon GO officially available in Italian version. Downloading Pokemon GO in official version for Italy available for both devices Android from the Google Play Store, both for Apple devices (iOS) through the Apple Store. If so far you have been using a version downloaded not from the official stores, the advice to uninstall it is download and install Pokemon GO from the official store. In fact, using versions downloaded from unofficial sites can be a risk because very often apps infected with viruses or malware are spread which then infect the smartphone and tablet of those who install them. For those who have downloaded and installed Pokemon GO from an unofficial site, we recommend scanning the device with an antimalware program.

Pokemon GO in its official version, in addition to being a safe App as regards the presence of viruses and threats, allows you to always take advantage of the latest version available as it is possible to update the Pokemon GO App at each exit of an update.

Pokemon GO Official download for Italy

Pokemon GO offered for free, with the presence of paid in-app content (which, however, you do not have to buy). To play Pokemon GO just download and install it from your favorite store based on the device you use.

Pokemon GO Android Download

If you use an Android device (as long as a version is installed Android 4.4 or above), you can download it through the Play store app you have on your smartphone or tablet by looking for the "Pokemon Go" game as an App, or by going to the following link: Download Pokemon GO for Android

Pokemon GO Download iOS

Those who use an Apple device with iOS instead can download and install Pokemon GO by going to the Apple store on this page: Download Pokemon GO for iOS

Once Pokemon Go is installed, you will be required to access the App with your Pokemon Go registration data. Unregistered users have the option to access the game using the Google account or by registering a specific account to be used with the 'Pokemon Go App. After identifying yourself, the wizard to create your own character to be used in the game will be presented:pokemon go creates character

After choosing the nickname with which you will be identified in the game you can start playing. Remember that in order to play you must have activated GPS on your smartphone or tablet and do not expect to be able to advance with the game while sitting on the sofa, you will have to walk and a lot!

Activate battery saver Pokemon GO

To improve the use of the battery and decrease the battery consumption of your smartphone or tablet, we recommend activating the battery saver in the Pokemon Go game.

  1. To activate the battery saver, press on Pok Ball;
  2. on the screen that opens, press on Settings;
  3. press on the circle next to Battery saving.

pokemon go battery saver

At this point you will have activated the battery saver that allows you to play Pokemon GO with less battery consumption, which, for the type of game, is very important.

If you're interested in the game, this article will surely come in handy to understand which are the rare, legendary, epic and strongest pokemon to find.

Pokemon GO a game that opens the way to new types of augmented reality games that will compete for the top positions in the ranking with the other Android game apps and iOS game apps.