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Playing well, playing for free: the art of free-to-play

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<p>Let's face it: everyone likes to play for free. Or rather: everyone likes to receive gifts. It is a well-planned game with an engaging storyline put in <strong>free-to-play</strong>, maybe not a nice gift? To be able to play and do it well, you don't need to spend billions, you just need to know a little about the net, the web proposals; it is much more than you can think of. Clearly I am proposing all this in the perspective of those who don't want to <em>cheat</em>, since the theft of extremely simple virtual material. In my opinion, if you liked a game so honestly, reward the manufacturer by buying it, but when the game gives you the satisfaction, in the true sense of the word.</p><div class=

I respect steam

Those unfamiliar with the steamsi online gaming platform lose half of the virtual gaming market. I hope you know at least the Valve, the house that has given the world masterpieces like Half Life, Portal is Counter Strike. Well, these funny guys have invented an online platform, which is called Steam precisely, where, bypassing the old system of the physical sale of DVDs in the store, they save money to gamers. Sometimes even several, since it guarantees access to a large area of free-to-play not bad. I will give you some examples.

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Do you want to shoot yourself badly? Take a hit on the crowded servers of Team Fortress 2. First of all I tell you that a game masterpiece in general, just look at the amount of spin off it generates on youtube and around the world. It has very nice characters and an organized team game where you beat yourself in a lot of different ways. a highly specialized fps, strong in 9 classes with truly unique features, so much so that you end up focusing on one: for example a friend of mine doesn't play Team Fortress, a Team Fortress spy. Just to describe two classes: the spy a character who has the ability to take the appearances of anyone on the field and to kill instantly if behind someone, so you never have a moment of safety even among your teammates . Another class engineer who can build deadly machines, platforms for teleportation and life and ammunition dispensers, as well as being a full-fledged fighting character. You will become attached to your character, I assure you (I usually play with Grosso, but I love the Engineer).

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<p>Do you want strategy? C <b>Dota 2</b>, equally popular on the web. a lively rts, or rather a battle arena game, in which heroes impersonate with the aim of destroying the Ancient enemy (Dota stands for defense of the ancient). There is a clash in teams of 5 with heroes of different classes and with different abilities, who in game level and buy items that enhance the team. I don't spend many words because it looks a lot like <strong>League of Legends</strong>, of which I speak later, which was born as a development of <strong>Dota</strong> precisely. But in general of the award-winning indie mmorpg the Steam libraries are full, see to believe.</p>
<p><img class=The free to play legend

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<p>Parallel to the aforementioned Dota 2 was born <b>League of Legends</b>. Both born from the old Defense of the Ancients, a mod of Warcraft III. They are similar but also different in engine and development, both have a very large fan community. Riot Games started Lol in 2009 as an open beta, without ever removing it. Result? A community with 100 million players and the most hours spent on a game ever, a world championship with a million dollar prize and players recognized as athletes. You may ask yourself something about the game and then I will try to describe you, but it will be only a pale shadow of what can be found on</p>
<p>Take samples, from a rose of more than 100 possibilities. They are all different, I'm not kidding: everyone has unique skills, ways of behaving, speaking, graphics, statistics and abilities. Take 3 or 5 depending on the game mode, which are 4 different. You enter the server with teammates and opponents coupled by a global ranking based on personal statistics, in order to always have worthy but not too strong opponents, after which you start. Practically with your champion and your team you make your way through the opposing ranks, exterminating the enemy minions and clashing against the champions of the opposite team, each with certain peculiarities and therefore requiring a very strategic approach that becomes really tasty at high levels . The characters receive experience by the illumination of opposing minions and level up to a maximum of 18, becoming stronger and developing their skills and only them. You become attached to your trusted champion as well as to your trusted barber. Once you reach the bottom of the map and destroyed the opponent's Nexus, you win, go up in the world rankings and enjoy the glory of the victorious. I have been brief but my advice to try it, that reading this does not help to understand much.</p>
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<p>Another legendary game that deserves a mention and in which I spent several hours of fun on, that is <b>Lord of the Rings Online, </b>of which a large expansion pack is about to come out. I found out years ago looking on the internet for what was considered the best free MMORPG and I guess I got caught in it. The whole middle ground isn't there yet but they are working on it, especially as long as the Peter Jackson films last. You enter the game as a hobbit or dwarf (elves and humans are for the losers) and find yourself catapulted into their respective cities of origin. The world developed in a complex and detailed way: Brea is a beautiful city as well as all areas ranging from Hobbiville to the old forest up to Granburrone. During the game, several VIPs from middle-earth meet who can be supported during their famous mission and explore the paths and landscapes seen in the cinema. Also in this game I saw for the first time the possibility of having a single-owned house or a guild hall that can be furnished with trophies earned in game (I had a giant salmon of I don't know how many pounds that was my pride) . The game does not require payments in principle, but if you want benefits such as access to the global market or to the frames you need to use credits that you have in limited numbers and then you have to buy or earn in-game. I tell you that I, a notoriously dirty person, had thought of getting me an annual license all unlocked for 99 dollars. If you are thinking that there are many, I tell you, I thought so too, but I also thought it was worth it.</p>
<p>In short, the possibilities are not lacking, I took out a drop from the sea and I am sure that if I were commented on the free titles under this article, a long list like War and Peace would come. I only brought back the ones I played and enjoyed the most. In any case, if one wants to waste time in 5 minutes, my advice to jump on the Kongragate website and shoot one of their games. If you really don't feel like it there is always Candy Crush (or Torrent). Good game</p>