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Periscope, finally live on the Twitter timeline

Kayvon Beykpour, CEO of the company, tells us what the future prospects are for the video streaming service: we start with the direct in the Twitter timeline

Appreciated on the portal even before being so chatted. The real-time streaming app allows you to explore the world through the eyes of other users. Data traffic threshold permittingReal-time streaming app

the time has come to look – live – into the future. Periscope's, for example. The Twitter app, which allows you to stream video, still boasts the startup atmosphere – a small environment, in which the 28 people involved eat at lunch and dinner at the same table – but enjoys the fame that Twitter has in the world, especially for be known by the most famous brands.

The CEO, Kayvon Beykpour, knows that the challenge that has just begun: direct streaming during the year just ended also came from competitors, such as Facebook ("We do not let ourselves be distracted by other players who enter the sector, because we know what will happen"), and could play an increasingly important role, even in politics ("An account to see Trump on TV, an account while getting ready in the morning").

In someone's Twitter timeline the live streaming. Before, these were only accessible by accessing the dedicated application, while now it will be possible to see them (including viewing comments) from the homepage of the social network. To comment, send hearts or start any type of live broadcast instead, it will still be necessary to start from Periscope. The experimentation dedicated, in its first part, to Apple users.

In a long interview with ad Adweek, Beykpour explains where Periscope is at: ?We are still at the point where we are interested in making a product that people love to use. What additional features can create a satisfying user experience? How do they want to discover the contents on Periscope? How do they want to divide the world? How do they want to comment with their friends, strangers? "

And while they try to understand it, the brands do their job, using direct lines to communicate to their audience: ?We have seen many brands take a lot of effort – both in terms of creativity and money – to produce interesting content on our platform. BMW, for example, has practically launched a new car on Periscope, which it has not sponsored in any way ".

And this now interests Periscope: ?What we are not going to do create forms of formal advertising and monetization on the platform: we haven't even turned one year old ".

When asked about the future, Beykpour continues to talk about what the company cares about at the moment: the way people discover new content, for example. The maps have been improved, and can count on zoom. And, he announces, there will be new integrations with Twitter.


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