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OkCupid adds the function for open pairs

Following the increasing curiosity towards polygamy, OkCupid adds functions dedicated to open couples

(Photo: Diletta Parlangeli)(Photo: Diletta Parlangeli)

Add a place on OkCupid, that there is an extra lover. With increasing interest from users in open relationships, the online didating service introduced features for couples looking for additional partners.

These are functions that will allow interested couples to meet new people: obviously both will have to agree. This adds to the initial preliminary question on their monogamy (users who declare themselves monogamous will not be involved). Last year the app added 12 sexual orientations is 22 gender options.

Of those who responded to the initial questionnaire, CNN reports, 39% said they could be convinced of a polygamous relationship, and 24% were interested in group sexual intercourse.


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