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Now you can broadcast on Periscope live from GoPro

The streaming app announces integration with the cameras preferred by the action: it will work for iOS users

(Photo: GoPro)(Photo: GoPro)

Warning: Periscope is more than serious. He moves away from smartphones for a second to announce an integration with GoPro that is anything but negligible. It will work on iOS with GoPro Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver, allowing Periscope to recognize a GoPro when connected to an iPhone. Once the two devices are connected, the streaming application will give the possibility to transmit live from the camera.

It does not take a great deal of imagination to imagine how much this can entice all the sportsmen of the case: surfers, skiers, snowboarders and various athletes.

The integration will allow for take advantage of both cameras, that is, that of GoPro and that of iPhone, or freeze the latter, focusing on the action.

This news comes a few weeks after the announcement of a greater integration between Periscope and Twitter, its parent company: finallyLand direct streaming will be visible in the Twitter timeline and after this news, they could also be quite lively.


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